Karen Louise


My name is Karen Louise. I grew up on the south coast of England where I met and married my husband. We emigrated to Perth, Western Australia in 2006 with a newborn son and our heads full of dreams. We now have 4 boys and our hearts and home are full of love…. and noise, and mess.

I have always been artistic with a passion for interior design and with the completion of building our family home my desire to fill it with art ignited a creative spark. 

I started exploring different mediums and found that by acknowledging that spark my eyes were opened to inspiration everywhere. 

my medium

I paint intuitively and abstractly using mainly alcohol inks, and acrylics. 

I love the flow of alcohol inks and the ripples and silk like qualities they present as I guide them.  

I favour a muted palette and love to mix the inks to invent my own personal hues that create soft, delicate, flowing pieces hopefully evoking  feelings of peace and serenity.


my inspiration

Living on a hill overlooking the ocean fills my head and heart with so many colours and emotions. It's a constant source of inspiration that leads me to my art room, my sanctuary away from the madness of motherhood to a place where I can listen to my soul, and fulfil the needs of my creative heart.

My hope is that my art fills your space with as much peace and tranquility that painting has brought to me.